P21S Finish Restorer

P21S Multi-Surface High Gloss Finish Restorer
P21S Multi-Surface High Gloss Finish Restorer
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Product Description

This is a product that can cure a multitude of sins. It's inevitable that over a period of time, some surfaces on your fine automobile will hold up better than others. The ones that don't will eventually fail to respond to even the best high quality detergents, such as those made by P21S. For these situations, P21S developed their Finish Restorer. With it, you can restore the brilliance to alloy & wire wheels, bumpers, grilles & pipes, in addition to a host of other surfaces. Many serious paintwork blemishes (those beyond the power of the P21S Painwork Cleanser's gentle polishing system) can also often be easily corrected. P21S Finish Restorer rubs out easliy & quickly and does not carry the unpleasant ammonia odor associated with most products of this type.

100.8g (3.56oz) Tube

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