Auto Wash + 1000ml Refill

P21S Total Auto Wash PLUS Refill
P21S Total Auto Wash PLUS Refill
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Product Description

This is probably the most powerful automotive cleaning product on the market today that still offers the famous P21S surface safety. This formula is terrific for removing diesel soot and other tough stains that ordinary car wash products can't seem to cut. Got a wax or grime build up on your paintwork? No problem. This stuff's got the horsepower to cut the mustard! This product features the P21S detergent formula, plus the addition of a powerful citrus solvent which adds up to an unmatched cleaning power. It's even fun to use, with its wonderfully fresh orange scent. Just try scrubbing up a set of floor mats and enjoy a fresh, clean aroma in your car for days. It's also terrific for the tough soils RVs get into!

1 Liter (33.8fl.oz) Bottle with Sprayer, plus 1 Liter Refill Bottle

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