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P21S Wheel Cleaner PLUS Refill
P21S Wheel Cleaner PLUS Refill
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P21S Wheel Cleaner PLUS Refill
If you love P21S wheel cleaner, this is the economical way to purchase. The famous German-made factory approved way to remove corrosive brake dust from alloy wheels. Safe, pH controlled, non-acid, non-lye based, formulas are guaranteed not to attack any type of road wheel, braking system or other automotive surface. While more costly to buy than the typical corrosive wheel cleaner found in discount houses, P21S Wheel Cleaners can be significantly cheaper to use over the long run, based on the surface safety they offer. This Regular Formula Cleaner is best for normally soiled wheels that typically receive frequent cleaning. Spray on - touch stubborn spots with a sponge and rinse off with a sharp stream of water.

500ml (16.9fl.oz) Set with Sprayer & Sponge, plus 1000ml Refill Bottle
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