Haynes Restoration Manual for MGB Hardcover, UK Edition

MG MGB & MGB GT - Haynes Restoration Manual
MG MGB & MGB GT - Haynes Restoration Manual
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UK Edition, Hardcover. Restoration Manual for MGB & MGB GT 1962-1981.

With nearly 1,400 illustrations and text aimed at the DIY enthusiast, this book tells you: How to renovate bodywork & chassis, including the renewal of major panals and repainting; Complete and detailed information on how to build a Heritage MGB, using a brand new Rover Group/Heritage bodyshell; How to renovate interiors, including the re-covering of seats and the renewal of carpets and hood; How to give new life to mechanical and electrical components, including engine and braking system overhaul; How to build an 'MGB for today', with improved comfort, handling, performance, sound systems and other suitable modifications; How to buy an MGB, MGC or MGB V8, and the pitfalls to avoid.

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