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Volvo 940 - Haynes Service & Repair Manual
Volvo 940 - Haynes Service & Repair Manual
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UK Edition, Softcover. Covers Volvo (H to R Registration) 940 Saloon & Estate, including special/limited editions 2.0L (1986cc) & 2.3L (2316cc) 8-valve gasoline engines 1990-1998. Does not cover 16-valve gasoline engine (B204/B234) or Diesel engines.

Keep your Volvo 940 in perfect running order and maintain its value. Haynes shows you how and saves you money. Step-by-Step instructions clearly linked to hundreds of photos and illustrations show you how to do each job. Spanner ratings grade all tasks by difficulty and experience level. Haynes Hints give valuable and short-cuts that help make the job easier. Tool Tips contain useful information such as ways of removing parts without using special tools. Written from Hands on experience based on the strip-down and rebuild of a Volvo 940 using commmonly available tools.

Inside this Manual - Basic maintenance-simple weekly checks, Service your car-complete step-by-step guide, Fault finding-pinpoint specific problems easily, Roadside Emergencies-how to heal with them, Pass the MOT-step-by-step test checks, Reference Section-include detailed glossary, Braking System-safety checks and repairs, Fuel and ignition system-explained, Electrical system-fault finding and repairs, Engine-tuneup, minor and major repairs, Wiring diagrams-easy-to-follow layout, Fully indexed-find information quickly!

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