PerTronix Electronic Ignition

Lucas 43D, 44D, 45D 4-Cylinder - PerTronix Ignitor
Lucas 43D, 44D, 45D 4-Cylinder - PerTronix Ignitor
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Product Description

PerTronix Electronic Ignition for 4-Cylinder Lucas Distributor with Hole. Lucas Model#s: 43D, 44D, 45D
Lucas Points#: DSB101

The Ignitor has been proven for over fifteen years in race cars, off-road vehicles, national rental fleets, parcel delivery services and by backyard mechanics. The Ignitor is the ideal choice for collector car restoration because it fits entirely under the distributor cap for a neat, clean look. The Ignitor is made in the US & is backed by a 30 month factory warranty.

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