New Color Shieldz in stock!

Hella 500 Series Covers & Shields
Series 500 Fog & Driving Lamp Kits come complete with 2 Stone Shields to protect your lamps from rocks and other road hazards. However, these covers must be taken off when the lights are in use. Consider investing in Hella's clear covers, which can remain on the lamps even when the lamps are in use!

Hella 500 Series White Stone Shield
Price is PER cover
Regular price: $14.50
Sale price: $9.96
Hella 500 Series Clear Cover
Fits 500 series lamps
Regular price: $22.95
Sale price: $16.96
Hella 500 Color Shieldz Protective Film
Protective Laminates
Regular price: $27.95
Sale price: $18.96