Hagmans Express Wax

Hagmans Express Wax
Hagmans Express Wax
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Product Description

Hagmans Expresswax is an environmentally friendly water-based car & motorcycle wax, which is solvent-free. Express Wax provides long- term protection to all paint types, and gives a hard surface with a brilliant shine.

Hagmans Expresswax is intended to use on new or slightly dulled lacquer surfaces. Perfect for use on both standard as well as metallic laquers. Due to a totally unique combination of mild detergents and gloss-preserving ingredients, Hagmans Expresswax does two steps in one, achieving a perfect result. For dulled surfaces, use Hagmans Polish before waxing.

Base material: High-quality carnuba wax and silicone mixture.

Directions for Use:
Wash the car with Hagmans Car Wash and dry with a chamois- leather. Shake the bottle thoroughly and spray on a thin, even layer of Expresswax. Allow to dry. Polish the surface with a soft, clean cloth.

500 ml spray bottle; Made in Sweden.