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Due to recent changes in EPA regulations, oil companies are no longer putting necessary additives for classic, older cars into their engine oil products. Please make certain to use only an oil formulated for classic cars containing ZDDP (Zinc Dialky Dithio Phosphate). Alternatively, there are many ZDDP additives on the market. This is especially important to protect bearings and valves on older cars.

Audi  Super 90, 100LS & 100S - Piston Ring Set
Regular price: $106.93
Sale price: $67.96
Audi 100LS, Super 90 & 100L - Flywheel Ring Gear
Regular price: $99.98
Sale price: $39.96
Regular price: $32.98
Sale price: $13.96
Audi  100LS & Porsche 924 - Main Bearings Set
Regular price: $129.98
Sale price: $69.96