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Here at, we understand the value of quality tools. The problem is that we're pretty stingy... how else can we get such great prices? Below are some items that are not only the leaders in their market, but they're offered at a great price!

Wilmar Corporation (Performance Tool) is one of the leading distributors of professional and promotional hand tools in North America.

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Ball Pein Hammers
4 weights
Cutting Tools
Includes Saws...
Drill & Bit Project Sets
Electrical Tools
Magnetic Trays
Measuring Tools
Portable Tools
Tire Gauges, Magnetic retrievers, Gloves, multipurpose Tools
Shop Equipment
Fender Cover, Shop Seat, Gloves & more
Small Part Assortments
Screw, Springs, Washers, Rubber Grommets, etc.
Individual & Sets
Tie-Down Straps
Tool Sets
Files, Hand Riveter, Multi-Use, Pick & Driver, Pry Bars, etc.
WorkLights & FlashLights
Zelender - VW Piston Pin Bushing Tool
Zelender - VW Hex Key Wrench
Zelenda - VW/Audi Tool
Hazet - VW/Audi Tool
Finished Hex Nut Steel Zinc Plated
Part#: 1-8
Orma - Clutch Cable & Brake Cable Adjusting Nut Tool
Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $59.96
Volkswagen Air Cooled Oil Cooler Tester 1950-1979
Regular price: $149.99
Sale price: $99.96
Volkswagen Driver, Fits Multiple Models
Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $69.96
Volkswagen Bus Type 2 Driver Tool
Regular price: $99.96
Sale price: $79.96