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"Century on Wheels - The Story of the American Automotive Industry"
"Century on Wheels - The Story of the American Automotive Industry"
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USED; Jacket worn with tears, Hardcover & Pages very good.

By Edward K. Miller. Copyright 1987 Pioneer Publications, Inc. Approximately 284 Pages.

Sections of this book include: Donald E. Peterson, Chairman, Ford Motor Company; Rober B. Smith, Chairman, General Motors Corporation; Gerald Greenwald, Chairman, Chrysler Motors; Century of Wheels: The Story of the Amercian Automotive Industry; Ford Motor Company; General Motors Corporation; Chrysler Corporation; Jervis B. Webb Company; Du Pont Company; Simpson Industries, Inc.; Honda; PPG Industries; Mitsubishi Motors; TRW Inc. Automotive Worldwide Sector; Distinctive Industries, Inc.; Rockwell International; Nissan Motor Company Ltd. in Tokyo; Nissan Motor Corporation in USA; Motorola, Inc.; CMI International, Inc.; Kuhlman Corporation; Manville Corporation; Sherwin-Williams; Dana Corporation; Collins & Aikman; ITT Automotive, Inc.; Doehler-Jarvis; Allied-Signal; Mobay Corporation; Hitachi; Tenneco Automotive; Sheller-Globe Corporation; Akzo Coatings America; United Technologies Automotive; Johnson Controls, Inc. Automotive Systems Group; Abex Automotive; Clarion Corporation; KTB Group; The DeVilbiss Company; Lucas Industries Inc.; Clayton Industries; Dow Automotive Materials Group; Michigan Rivet Corporation; BASF Corporation; Libbey-Owens-Ford Co.; The Bundy Corporation; Leon Plastics, Inc.; Grigg Automotive Manufacturing, Inc.; C & C Incorporated; Advanced Friction Materials Company; Sealed Power Corporation; Lamp Technicon Corp.; Lacks Industries; Ingersoll-Rand Company; Lectron Products, Inc.; Bilstein Corporation of America; Amco Manufacturing; Camshaft Machine Company; Handy & Harman Automotive Group, Inc.; Daniel Radiator Corporation; The General Group of Companies; GKN Automotive Components Inc.; The Budd Company; Automotive Moulding Company; Instron; Craig; Progressive Tool & Industries Company; Four Star Corporation; LTV Steel Company; Hupp Company; Index.

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