Dynators by WOSPerformance

Dynators are a range of alternators disguised as dynamos. WOSP manufactures these in a range of designs including the most common Lucas units – C39, C40, C40L, C42 & C45. Also Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Willys, AC, Delahaye, Chevrolet and Lancia.

These units are direct replacements and keep the classic appearance by using the original wires already in place. You simply have to by-pass the bulkhead mounted regulator box. All the units are manufactured in the USA & UK from billet aluminum and incorporate a light-weight 50 amp race alternator inside, more than doubling the output of the original item in most cases!

For an additional charge Dynators can be converted to +ve earth so fitting an ‘alternator’ on your classic no longer requires you to swap the polarity. Keep the vehicle original and enjoy the benefits!