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"Enthusiast Color Series Mini" by Patrick C. Paternie
"Enthusiast Color Series Mini" by Patrick C. Paternie
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"Enthusiast Color Series Mini" by Patrick C. Paternie
"More than 40 years ago, the Mini appeared. Small and light. Front-wheel drive. Tiny wheels, placed at the corners. Amazingly, room for four inside. The Mini changed the world. It provded small and Spartan could spell FUN.

Fast-forward 5 million cars. The new Mini. Like its ancestor, it raises the bar for small cars. Sure, it's bigger and heavier. It's also more powerful, more refined. Still (relatively) small and light. Still front-whell drive. Still spells FUN. Design, Engineering, Marketing, Performance, Lifestyle Inside, learn all there is to know about this instant classic."

First published in 2002 by Motorbooks International. Copyright Patrick Paternie, 2002.

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