Lucas Premium Mineral Oil

Lucas Premium Mineral Oil
Continual research and development give you the latest in brake fluid technology. Lucas Girling brake fluids contain a complex blend of advanced lubricants, stabilizers, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors to help keep your brakes working properly. These ingredients minimize wear, maximize performance and ensure safe operation in ambient temperatures from -50 to +50C (-58F to + 122F).

While Lucas Girling brake fluids are the natural choice for a Lucas braking system, they are also suitable for use in the braking systems of other manufacturers. Their conventional brake fluids mix safely with any fluid conforming to DOT 4 or conventional DOT 5.1, while Lucas Mineral Oils are fully compatible with similar mineral-based products. Note: Conventional brake fluid should not be mixed with mineral oil fluid. Serious damage may result. Consult manufacturer's handbook for details.

Premium Mineral Oil - 1Litre
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