Tune-Up & Maintenance Guide

Mazda Tune Up Book - Haynes Service Manual
Mazda Tune Up Book - Haynes Service Manual
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Tune-Up & Maintenance Guide for the following vintage Mazda models:

The text includes step-by-step procedures, troubleshooting data, and hundreds of photos, drawings, diagrams and charts. Material has been painstakingly prepared by a top technical writer and then carefully edited. Major sections include: Lubrication, Maintenance and Engine Tune-Up; Electrical Systems; Engine; Fuel and Exhaust Systems; Cooling System and Heater; Trasmission and Clutch; Rear Axle and Suspension; Steering and Front Suspension; Brakes; Body; Troubleshooting. While a few repairs on advanced equipment - such as sophisticated emission controls - may be beyond most home mechanics, the simple tests and troubleshooting measures include can help diagnose problems. Where repairs are practical, complete information is given. Equally important, though, the author frequently includes cautioning notes where procedures are confusing, and occasionally suggest that "here's a job requiring dealer attention."