"The Great Manifold!" Edelbrock by Edelbrock Corp.
"The Great Manifold!" Edelbrock by Edelbrock Corp.
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New Old Stock in good condition. "This book has a specific purpose. We have felt there was a need within the automotive aftermarket for a publication that tied together the major components of an engine. Material that would identify parts interrelationships. Something that would both teach and inform automotive enthusiasts and vehicle users in general about how engines work. Information not available from any other source, and certainly not from a manufacturer of aftermarket parts."

The contents include: Edelbrock-Pioneering Automotive Technology, Induction System Fundamentals, Evolution of Manifold Design, Techniques of Product Engineering, Carburetion-Understanding & Selecting, Camshafts-Understanding & Selecting, Water Injection, Vapor Injection, Engine Dressing, Rebuilding your Engine, Engine Building for High Performance, Installing Edelbrock Products, Glossary of Terms.

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