Mercedes 280, 280C & 300D

Top Quality Remanufactured Brake Calipers

Calipers will be sold in sets only. All manufacturers recommend that calipers be replaced in sets to maintain safe and even braking performance. *Mercedes currently sells these calipers at $368 EACH, our price is for the pair!

In order to insure optimal and safe braking, it is recommended that new brake hoses be installed whenever calipers are changed. Brake hoses are subject to outside cracking and internal clogging that can prevent the safe operation of a new caliper. Also, when calipers are replaced, the entire brake system must be flushed and new brake fluid of the correct type must be installed. This is a requirement to keep warranty in effect.

Whenever calipers are replaced, new brake pads should be installed to insure safe braking performance and rotors should be resurfaced or replaced with new units if they are below manufacturer’s recommended thickness or will go below that minimum thickness after resurfacing.

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Includes Refundable $200 Core Charge
Regular price: $629.96
Sale price: $429.96
Mercedes with ATE, Bendix or Girling 2-Piston Calipers - Rear Brake Caliper Set
Includes Refundable $200 Core Charge
Regular price: $596.00
Sale price: $479.96