PerTronix for Chevrolet

Chevrolet 8-Cylinder - PerTronix Ignitor
Chevrolet 8-Cylinder - PerTronix Ignitor
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Product Description

For Chevrolet V8 1957-1974, Excluding Dual Point Distributor. For mechanical advance at top of shaft.

The Ignitor has been proven for over fifteen years in race cars, off-road vehicles, national rental fleets, parcel delivery services and by backyard mechanics. The Ignitor is the ideal choice for collector car restoration because it fits entirely under the distributor cap for a neat, clean look.
This unit is available as a Standard Ignitor or as a Lobe Sensor Ignitor. The electronics in the Lobe Sensor Ignitor sense the lobes on the distributor shaft points cam as they go by without physically touching them and trigger the coil circuit accordingly. With the Lobe Sensor Ignitor there is no need to pull the distributor for installation, no shimming of the distributor shaft, and no magnet sleeve required. A Lobe Sensor-type Ignitor is not necessary with distributors that don't have the centrifugal advance mechanism on the end of the distributor shaft. The Ignitor is made in the U.S.A. and is backed by a 30 month factory warranty.

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