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PerTronix Ignitors
The PerTronix Ignitor is a solid-state breakerless electronic ignition system. In a few moments you can replace the points in your vehicle and have reliable, adjustment-free motoring for the life of your car. Installation is simple, merely remove the points and condenser, screw the ignitor module in place, connect the wires and you're on your way. The entire system fits under your distributor cap for a neat, clean look.

Important Notes:
  • Unless otherwise noted, it is assumed that your vehicle is negative ground and 12v. If it is not, please look for description to state positive ground or 6 volt or e-mail us.
  • Ignitor II is now available for many applications. If you do not see the option for your vehicle just ask.
  • All items are listed for US Spec vehicles, for international orders, the distributor number is the only way to be 100% certain of proper fitment.
  • Thank you.

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