The PerTronix Ignitor is a precisely engineered solid state breakerless ignition system. Consisting of permanently mounted magnets for each cylinder. Rotating with the rotor these magnets trigger an electronic chip (Hall Cell) which is embedded in the switching module. The entire Ignitor system is immune to dirt, oil, heat and moisture. Firing down to zero RPMs it switches twice the energy of conventional systems. Installation is fast and simple. The Ignitor requires no "black boxes" or complicated wiring and can be installed in the time required to change a set of points.

PerTronix Ignitors cause a good strong spark. Old rotors may burn out from this. We strongly recommend carrying a spare ignition rotor in your glove box to save a towing fee in the event of this occurance. Contact us for very reasonably priced rotors for most Lucas applications.

Rover - PerTronix Ignitor
with Distributor #35D8, 41277
Regular price: $176.98
Sale price: $146.96
Rover V8 - PerTronix Ignitor
Lucas Model #35DLM8, #36DLM8
Regular price: $244.98
Sale price: $189.96
Rover 3 Liter MK II & III - PerTronix Ignitor
Lucas Distributor 25D6
Regular price: $169.98
Sale price: $139.96
Rover 2000, TC - PerTronix Ignitor
with Positive Ground & Vacuum Advance
Regular price: $162.98
Sale price: $129.96
PerTronix Coils & Brackets
Landrover III - PerTronix Ignitor
Regular price: $169.98
Sale price: $139.96