PerTronix Wire Sets

PerTronix Wire Sets
PerTronix announces four new universal spark plug wires sets to compliment their 4 and 6 cylinder British A/B distributors. These new sets feature our 7mm black (no script) wire and come complete with loose terminal ends and boots to customize spark plug wire length.

  • Dual current paths for performance and reliability
    Primary path: spiral wound stainless steel alloy
    Secondary path: Carbon impregnated fiberglass center core
  • Low 500 ohms per foot resistance
  • 7mm silicone jacket to resist high temperature
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene methylene) inner insulation for superior heat resistance
  • Fiberglass reinforced braid for added strength and flexibility
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • British 4 Cylinder Wire Set
    Regular price: $89.77
    Sale price: $63.96
    British 6 Cylinder Wire Set
    Regular price: $99.77
    Sale price: $73.96
    Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A - Custom Fit Wire Set
    Regular price: $79.77
    Sale price: $53.96
    Universal British  Spark Plug Wire Set
    Regular price: $89.77
    Sale price: $63.96
    Universal Spark Plug Wires for 8 Cylinder Cars
    Regular price: $95.77
    Sale price: $69.96
    Black Universal 180 Degree Spark Plug Wire for 8 Cylinder
    Regular price: $82.45
    Sale price: $74.95
    7mm Black Spark Plug Wire Spool
    Regular price: $148.50
    Sale price: $98.95