Hella FF Series Covers, Shieldz & Grilles

Hella FF Series Covers, Shieldz & Grilles
Series FF Fog & Driving Kits come complete with 2 Stone Shields to protect your lamps from rocks and other road hazards. However, these covers must be taken off when the lights are in use. Consider investing in Hella's black grilles or clear covers (when available), which can remain on the lamps even when the lamps are in use.

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Hella FF100 Black Grille Set
Price is per PAIR of grilles!
Regular price: $69.90
Sale price: $36.96
Hella FF300 Clear Cover
Price is PER Cover!
Regular price: $24.95
Sale price: $18.96
FF1000 Clear Cover
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $24.96