Lucas Auxiliary Lamps

Lucas Auxiliary Lamps
Perfect vision from a single light source is made possibly by a unique reflector called "homofocal." Its configuration incorporates two different focal lengths. A short focal length gives brilliant central intensity, while a longer focal length brightens wider angles. The wrap-around effect of the reflector also permits a much greater collection of available light andd puts it way out in front, where you need it most.

20-20's incredible reflector accuracy is made possible by the special DMC (Dough Moulding Compound) plastic technology which Lucas pioneered. Once molded, this glass-filled polyester thermo setting plastic holds its form, unlike steel. DMC allows very precise reflector shapes to be created - and maintained, even under extreme temperatures. DMC is also very light and corrosion-resistant. All of this means that you can see further and more accurately with Lucas 20-20 Lights.

20/20 Rectangular Fog Lamp Set - Genuine Lucas
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