KONI Shocks for Toyota

Toyota Celica/Supra - Rear Shock Absorbers (PAIR)
Toyota Celica/Supra - Rear Shock Absorbers (PAIR)
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Product Description

Rear Koni Shock Absorbers for Toyota Celica/Supra, all including Turbo MA70, 3/1986-1993. Disarms Electronic Suspension

KONI is universally accepted as the leader in manufacturing high quality, adjustable shock absorbers. KONI shock absorbers are produced from the finest materials; surfaces are machined to the narrowest tolerances, and the strictest quality control standards are incorporated in all production steps. At the end of the production line every single damper is 100% dyno-tested to assure optimum performance. Because they are adjustable, KONI shocks can virtually last a lifetime.

Price is per PAIR of shock absorbers.

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