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NeoLite 3-Chamber Headlamp Replacement -  7" Round (PAIR)
NeoLite 3-Chamber Headlamp Replacement - 7" Round (PAIR)
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NeoLite 3-Chamber Headlamp Replacement -  7" Round (PAIR)
Please be advised that extensive modifications will be necessary to install these lamps. The housing of these lamps will be larger than your stock lamps. Therefore, the O.E. buckets will need to be cut and/or bent to properly utilize the aftermarket NeoLite 3-Chamber Lamp System.

Replacements for Industry Headlamp # H6024

NeoLite 7" Round 3-Chamber Headlamp Replacements set includes 2 each H4 P45t base 55/60w Bulb, H3 55w Fog Lamp Bulb & 4w Daytime Running Light Bulb for each lamp. Made in India.

Each Lamp Features:
  • H4 High/Low Main Chamber Driving Light (middle)
  • H3 Clear Fog Light (bottom)
  • Daytime Running Light (top)
  • Glass lens, plastic housing

  • Price is per PAIR of lamps (includes the bulbs). The lamps are only to be used with STANDARD WATTAGE bulbs, not high wattage.

    Lamp in photo has an amber fog section, these are no longer available. We are offering lamps that are completely clear. Will update photo soon.