Set of 4 Konis for 370Z

Nissan 370Z  - Set of 4 Koni Sport Shocks
Nissan 370Z - Set of 4 Koni Sport Shocks
Item# KO-8241-1282-1283x4
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Product Description

Set of 4 externally adjustable Koni Sport shocks for Nissan 370Z 2010-2011.

Koni has taken their time to bring KONI Sport shocks for the Nissan 370Z to a level well above initial expectations. Better filtering of road roughness and fluctuations, improved traction due to reduced wheel hop and drastically raised cornering speeds by eliminating the tendency to oversteer, are just a few of the improvements our KONI Sport shock absorbers provide. As a bonus, both the front and rear shocks are externally adjustable, providing the possibility to effortlessly convert the daily driver into a weekend track toy.

Price is for a set of 4 shocks, 1 each of 8241-1282Lsport & 8241-1282RSport + 2 of 8241-1283Sport.